Is it possible to add more then $100 at a time?


I normally have been buying with my gameflip credit I receive from selling… However today I wanted to try to buy an item when I had $0.00 gameflip balance, and figured I could just buy it with my credit card/paypal. However, its my understanding this is not possible, and the only way to buy would be manually funding my account - which has a limit of $100 per fund.

Is this correct? Is there anyway to buy without having to upload funds? Or can I upload more then just $100 at once?

Yeah. I think that you can add funds >$100 from the add funds tab.

Looks like you can only do up to $100 at a time via that method.

The older your account gets, more money you will be able to add by that method.

If you you have any other questions, please PM me.

Hey Dunn!
I was hoping to buy an item thats 230 USD but i see that you can only add 100 at a time. Can i just add 100 dollars twice and then the 50? Or will i be limited to 100 dollars just one time.

You may do that, no problem.