Raising Add Fund limits

Hello ,
I would like to request to raise my add fund limits from more than the current $300 to atleast $1000 .
I have had this account for a long time and my ID , phone , credit card , paypal is all verified .
Having a small add fund limit makes me not able to buy gift cards when they are available as all good deals sell out quickly .
Please let me know if there are anymore verifications I can do to help raise my limit .
Thanks . I would truly appreciate any help.
I have also created a support ticket .
Code: 2383FK

I can’t say for 100% but it maybe base on how long you been on Gameflip.

You can only add certain amount per time to it.
As your account grows old, this limite might increase.

Lucy :heart:

You can still add more than your limit of $300. As far as I know, the limit is only for the same transaction, so you can add $300 multiple times but you’ll end up paying $0.30 for every transaction, not a big deal.

I was able to add up to $5000 in the first or second month of registering, so im not sure how the algorithm works for the limit. Maybe you need to verify your ID or have a lot of purchases? Or maybe you need to verify your payment method.

100 = 3.30 fee
200 = 6.00 fee
300 = 9.00 fee
Im using a debit card
I never try adding more then 300 at once myself so I don’t know if it keep adding 3 dollars to the fee or if you get a discount the higher you go over 300 with transaction.

When you try buying something you won’t have to pay the fee from the item as long as you have the full amount of the item already in your funds.

Lucy :heart:

Gameflip’s fee apply on every fund transaction, whether adding funds to your wallet or paying directly by PayPal or credit card. But you don’t pay the fee twice if you add funds to your wallet then use that fund to purchase something, so it’s always better to add funds to your wallet then spend that money whenever you need something.

As an example let’s say you want to add $30,000 to your wallet:

If the fee was only 3% per transaction, then it’s not going to make any difference whether you add this amount in 1 single transaction (meaning you add $30,000 once) or in multiple transactions (meaning you add $3000 and repeat for 10 times), because at the end it will all be the same fee of $900.

But since there’s a fixed amount of fee + percentage too, then it’s better to add the whole amount in 1 single transaction so you only pay that fixed fee of $0.30 once instead of multiple times.

I know that $0.30 isn’t much to pay every time you want to buy something, so there’s no nee to force yourself to add more than the amount you want to spend now. But if you’re a continuous buyer on the store then it’s always better to save some cash even if it was $0.30 per week lol (unless you’re low on cash and you can’t invest for the future by adding more money in advance).

Your account might be old but your transaction history (selling/buying) is pretty new, due to that, the system yet didn’t raise your limit. Keep buying and selling and the system will raise the limit eventually.

I think we already discussed this by ticket and this limit can’t be raised manually.

Thank you.

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