gameflip monthly limit ??

Is there a “gameflip monthly limit” to purchases ?
How much is that ?
I cant see my limit mentioned anywhere .

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What do you mean?

Lucy :heart:

I ws just told by support that I have reahced my monthly limit for purchases and I can use gameflip only on 3/18/19 again .
There has to be a way for bulk buyers ?

why would gameflip not want buyers ? genuine verified buyer ?

Maybe because you’re a new account that not old let?

You can only add certain amount per time to it.
As your account grows old, this limite might increase.

Lucy :heart:

2 years on gameflip now

How much did you try adding this money?
I never seen the message of a monthly limit.

@DunnBiscuit could get a better answer being I never hear of this before.

Lucy :heart:

I was trying to add 1000 , and I dont mind adding 300 at once but if I have reached my so called limit . then I wont be able to add even $1 . I am looking to buy bulk .But , I cant if I cant add funds . This is disappointing .

Hello, yes, since you are purchasing pretty fast large amounts of GBux, the system limited your account.

This is not related to a specific amount, but due to your purchase pattern. You will have to wait to the date estipulated by our support to start purchasing again.

Thank you.

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Thanks fo replying .
Can this limit be lifted and I can go slow from hereon .

Unfortunately, there is no way of doing that. You need to wait the date the support team told you so you can purchase again.

it’s because of an unprecidented huge purchase you have made i think. it’s common to every online purchasing system. if you suddenly spend big or make many transactions, they will limit your action to prevent issues or scramber or anything like that

Thanks fro replying , Wish I had known earlier . I would have gone slow . Now waiting for a month :(:expressionless:

hello, were you able to solve it? I meet the same problem