Why my paypal won't be accepted?


When I want to buy some item for 10 to 99.99$ I can use my paypal, when it is below 10$ or above 99.99 I have to deposit through my paypal to my gameflip us balance? I dont want to put 5$ in my wallet for 1$ item and have 4 $ staying like that.

Can someone help me?

Items over 100+ or under 10$ you need to add money to your wallet using add funds.

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Why? Like i wanna be able to spend for lower amounts

Its just how they do it
Under 10$ you need to add funds to wallet
Over 100$ you need to add funds to wallet
(Thess only come into a effect if you already don’t have 10 or over 100$ in your wallet. If yoi got 10 dollars in wallet you can buy the item without needing to add more funds in you wallet is low again)
10 though 99$ you can buy it normal

Remember its faster to add the money to your wallet to use anytime plus it makes buying much faster and smoother.

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