I CANT BUY anymore on site :(

Hi guys, i was out for few months, and i now find out i cant buy with my account anything,gameflip doesnt support paypal anymore and dont support crads from my country, and now i am stuck i cant use anymore site,also i have money on my account and i cant use it bc i dont have pay methode, can let us to buy with our money on site even if we dont have card? and pls fix this with paypla, site will die without paypal
i use this market for 3 years and dont want gameflip to die…

Create a payoneer account, support payoneer and request a prepaid mastercard

Which country are you from that Gameflip doesn’t support credit cards? Have you tried either Google Pay (web only) or Apple Pay?

i am from Bosnia, and when i put my card it say that gameflip doesnt support cards form my country, how to use that google play? and alos why i cant buy something when i have money on gameflip account? they should allow that i can buy with my money on site without other pay methode like on xbox with my balance on account

hi guys thanks for your help i find out that i can buy with my balance from PC just cant on mobile app, this will do for now but come on gameflip give us back paypal

Hello @armin221186,

I’m glad that you got your issue resolved.

If you would like me to further verify your account, please provide me your invite code.

Also, if you have any doubts regarding PayPal, please check the following link:

God Speed! :trident:

You can buy with your balance in app or web. If you have this issue, you should report it by including your profile code and app screenshots so that Gameflip can fix the app.

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