Only PayPal accepted

yeah hi, I was just about to buy a couple
of games Untill I got to the checkout, and the only selection of payment was PayPal, and that’s something I don’t have, I wanted to used my debit card… Please respond. Cheers

Hi Shifty, that shouldnt be the only option. As that has never happened with me before.
You normally get a few options Pay with cash balance ( money on your account.)
Pay with credits ( gameflip credits)
Pay with card.
Must be some sort of issue. Id submit a ticket or wait for a Gameflip member to reply on here. Sorry this happened though.

@Shifty250 Unfortunately if you are using the international version of the app, PayPal will be the the only payment option. Since we just rolled out the international version in certain markets, we are basically in beta with that version. Hopefully once we start to see growth and roll out in other markets, we’ll be able to add more payment options.

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