Cannot pay with PayPal?

Can I not use PayPal as a payment option anymore?

Can you send any screnshot regarding this issue so I can check?


I got it to work I just had to do it from my desktop. On the phone paypal isn’t an option only add credit card is.

I just checked and Paypal is indeed available on the app version of Gameflip. Please make sure you have the latest version of the app. When you go to primary payment, tap it and it will give you the option to enter your credit/debit card information or Paypal.

i cant connect to my paypal…What can i do now ???

You must have a US paypal account to pay I think.

Have you already connected that PayPal account to another Gameflip account? If so then it’s linked to that one until you have made enough sales to request a change.

Can you try using a different browser like Firefox? The PayPal connect feature is also available in the Android or iOS app.