Are you able to buy something using PayPal?

Please help , I’m trying to buy something but only comes up with a credit card. Do you know if you can use a PayPal account to buy something ?

@Antonio_Duran Unfortunately we do not yet have PayPal integrated into the app. This is something that we are currently looking into and want to integrate. But it’s taking a lot longer than anticipated to integrate.

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You could apply for a paypal credit card. It will take from available funds that you have before It would be like an actual credit card. That’s what I use on here, I applied for it because ebay/PayPal prohibit certain items. So buying and selling gun parts and mags are against there TOS but I was able to use there credt card for all that stuff which drew it from my available funds anyway!

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FYI, Gameflip iOS & Android apps now access Paypal for payment.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Yes you can have paypal account if you want to buy something there. Afterall its the easiest way to shop. You should try it.