Paypal question

So previous to the newest upgrade my paypal account was attached to my gameflip account. Now it’s been reset and I don’t seem to be able to attach anything but a credit card…? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

What is “the newest upgrade”? Where and when?

Did you request your PayPal account to be changed on Gameflip? Do you not see your PayPal email address under the Add Funds > Payment box anymore?

Can you give a screenshot of the error?

I believe they updated within the last month or two… Although I’ve made three purchases in the past I have no paypal info in my wallet & it only want to let me add a credit card in the option under my settings. Any ideas?

Please give a screenshot of your problem (with personal information covered).

So unfortunately the option to upload images is not working on either of my devices. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can. Thanks

So from the pics you can see that the mobile app will only let me add a new credit card, and that paypal is not an option. You can also see that despite my laptop online login having my paypal account as my primary payment method, the mobile app wont let me purchase anything until i add a new credit card and funds. Somewhere along the line everything has gone sideways and the two aren’t talking with each other… any ideas of whats going on?

We are you from? (country)
Did you set up the billing address?

USA… did not set up billing address on either pc or mobile. Apparently it’s optional according to the note next to the address space. Pc continues to show paypal as primary, mobile shows nothing at all…?

And still no way to set it up…

On the “Save Credit Card” screenshot, there should be a PayPal button below the button “Add a new card”. For now please use the website to add funds with PayPal until an updated Android version is released.

Did some more reading. Definitely not just me… Looks like I’ll be waiting. Thanks all

Thanks for reporting. I’ll be investigating this so we can fix any issue in the next Android version.


Seems I am also having another problem. While on my phone at the desktop version of gameflip it continues to request that I add funds to my wallet despite my PayPal account being linked everything I try to by something. Is this normal?

For items between $10 to $100, you can pay directly with PayPal or credit/debit card. For items below $10 or above $100 you have to use added funds, and it should only ask you to add funds if your wallet doesn’t have enough money. For all cases, you should have the choice between using PayPal or a credit/debit card.

If this doesn’t answer what you’re asking, then please give a screenshot of your problem.