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I’ve tried adding funds from my PayPal ballance but it won’t let me. Last time I added funds it worked fine, but it charged my credit card. I don’t want it to use my credit card as a prefered payment method because I have money in my PayPal wallet, but PayPal won’t let me change that in their settings (keep getting this error: “This can’t be used as your preferred way to pay online. Choose a different payment method.”). Hope you can help me out.

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Hi there,
Could you please open a ticket and inform all of this including a screenshot of the error?
If you already opened a ticket, please inform the number of it so I can check.


there seems to be some pending status on my wallet money which lasts for 30 days from the day of receiving those funds. I find this absurd! For 1 month I can’t do anything with that money!? Anyways, the problem is solved. Thanks!

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