Credits not showing up

I have earned 6 dollars of credits and I can’t use them.

@Kyle_B_Conel Please make sure that the Credits weren’t expired since all Credits do expire within the typical 3 days from the grant date. Please refer to the initial notification that you received for these Credits to see the expiration date. If you feel that this isn’t the issue, please contact through the app at Help > Contact Support and we can better assist you with this.

So in that case, what would you do if you know you were supposed to get credits (you saw people use your invite code) and you DIDNT get any? Like ever? I remember checking everyday after people used mine, but they never showed up, not even a notification.

@Tkhan942 Make sure your account is verified using a valid US mobile or landline phone number. VoIPs like Skype and Google Voice are not eligible to receive Credits via Friend Invite. Read more here:

If you think there is something wrong with your account, feel free to send in a Help ticket to Help > Contact Support. We can look further into your account there and investigate.