Where are my credits?

So I entered for the two competitions you guys posted and I could get a free credit. That makes a total of two credits. But after registering successfully after 15 minutes, I have nothing. Do I need to wait a little bit or something? If it helps, I’m on the computer version.

Please respond. Every time I make a post nobody responds

it should be there if it doesn’t show. tell gameflip support that tour credits disapeard and see whatvthey can do for you

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Thanks. At least someone responds to what I say.

I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. These contest were initially created in mind of these new partners driving in new users. So the $1 Credit message is for the first time your create an account and input someones Invite Code. This contest was originally designed for our partners and their channels, but didn’t want to exclude our current users either.

I agree that the $1 Credit message is confusion and will be updating these landing pages.

Thanks for explaining!