Credits exchange

Hey there, I get this message via text on my phone:

We appreciate your support so we’ve added $2 in Credits to your Gameflip account, please enjoy!

But my wallet still have the same ammount, how do I get this $2??? scroll down to the row that says “Credits”, what does it say?

In the mobile app it doesn’t show the credits section but in the site yes, so there it is the $2 credit, tysm for your help. Have a nice day!

Maybe you need to refresh your mobile app? Which app is it? iOS or Android?

Android version 1.27 I believe is the latest and it doesn’t show the credits.

Me too it didnt show in the app

But once you purchase you will see the 2$ deduction in checkout :slight_smile:


If you still have an issue as you reported, please send me your invite code.

I’ll be able to check what happened.


Thank you all so much for the help, but I do find the credits using the website of gameflip.

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