"Celebrate June with Gameflip, enjoy your $2 in credits!" sms text

Not the biggest of deal but if any staff can look into this, there me be a small bug.
A few Gameflip users and I got this text and we all received $.50 instead of the usual $2 and was wondering if Gameflip had a typo in their sms text to their users or?

Hello @Tee-Toh,

Have you opened a ticket for this?

If not, please open one and provide further information like a screenshot of the notification received and the amount received inside the wallet. The Support Team should be able to help you with this.

Also, feel free to share your ticket here so I can verify ok :wink:

Here is the ticket link if needed:

God Speed! :trident:

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yep happen to me too :sweat_smile: pcode: 6693PT



It’s not that big of a deal for me to open a ticket about it but maybe for other frequent users who it could really help out on a future purchase. Just wanted to bring it up to spread awareness for you guys :slight_smile:

Hello @Tee-Toh,

Thanks for the report!

It would still be good for you to have a ticket with the images and SMS you received. That way we would could check with our Financial Department and see what can be done for you ok.

Thanks for the images @Adam_Kok. Do you have an image of the SMS you received as well? Was this part of a promotion or a standalone credits SMS?

Have you opened a ticket for your case?

God Speed! :trident:

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I didn’t receive the sms. but i believe the $0.5 was actually came from the Bingo contest for $2.
As soon as they announced credits are credited, i got the $0.5

I’m sorry i didnt raise ticket.

didnt recieve credits att all

Hey everyone!

To those who informed about this issue a PM was sent informing the meaning of the amount received ok.

Hey @safegttt43,

As informed in another topic, there is no rule or time for us to release new discounts or promotions, you just need to stay tuned :wink:

Feel free to check out our Twitter posts (https://twitter.com/Gameflip/ ) or promotions page (Buy & Sell Games, In-Game Items, Gift Cards and More - Gameflip ) to see if there is a good discount or promotion currently ongoing.

We also send marketplace notifications for certain promotions and discounts to inform our users of what is currently happening.

In case this was an issue with an ongoing promotion, please contact the support team using the link below:


God Speed! :trident: