Damn Chinese,Help me solve the problem, I am scared

I am also a Chinese, but I am very sad about the Chinese, they have a lot of deception, I hope gameflip prohibits Chinese account sales code

my code LW9TFL
Dispute order id: ed8b204d-57bf-42e6-994e-0555d2d8e599 c761e192-3f01-4e22-bda1-02540f9732e2

I purchased his 2 codes, but the code is all invalid code, the pubg invalid code indicates that the error code does not exist, not already used.

I asked him to explain to me, but he uploaded an image.

I understand that he expresses his code’s access. I ask him to cancel the mosaic. The image should be his code. but result no

I hope that gameflip understands what the invalid code means. I am scared of the deceptive behavior of the Chinese. I must seek help from others.

I asked to investigate his account, I can be sure that he has a lot of controversy, I only bought his 2 codes, but I saw him sell a lot of code before buying, so the controversy is not just me alone.

Finally, the Chinese account is strongly urged to ban sales, and the Chinese have caused the gamelifp environment to get worse.

Please send the required information on the ticket sent to you.
We will investigate this seller, thank you for your report!

my order id:ed8b204d-57bf-42e6-994e-0555d2d8e599 cdkey:P166-QJTY-1AKB-IM789
c761e192-3f01-4e22-bda1-02540f9732e2 cdkey: P166-G6LL-LGKE-PRD8V

please View video

View video

Please answer with the required information answering to the ticket that was sent to you, do not post it here, cause that is not what was asked.

I have completed an email response, please review

I have completed an email response, please review ,View the video and make a decision

I see that your tickets were already answered and the problem is solved :slight_smile: