Dear moderator i really need help :(

9skh5k is my code well every time i try to buy stuff i cant its saying account suspended my brother was scamming from his own account he told me which is why i think my account got also suspended but i got 416.59$ on my account as credit i would like to buy a pair on wheel on gameflip would that be possible to temporary remove the suspension im begging for it plzzz i never scammed anyone i was legit the whole time plz dear moderator im begging for help :frowning: @DarkKnight

the good ol’ “it wasn’t me it was my brother”

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He had his own account and got banned and nrver had mine so idk if its ip adress linked or idk but something defenetly happened

how are they supposed to determine it was actually your brother or just you using an alt account?

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I had my id confirmed and over 20 good rates not 1 bad one they will know it wasent me

For this type of issue please contact support here

Hello funny_channel.

Did you open a ticket for this issue? If not, please open one up and send me the number so I could verify for you :wink:

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Ok thanks you so much dark :slight_smile:

@DarkKnight 450365 here :slight_smile:

@DarkKnight they are saying my because brother used the same adress as me because we do… they cant unsuspend my account if thats the case plz dark at least transfert de 400$ on my paypal