Delivery method for digital items


One suggestion, if it’s possible. When searching for items and setting up filters, it would be nice to be able to set up search for instant/non-instant delivery items only.

As we do not need “Condition” for digital items, maybe “Delivery” can replace that one!


What do you guys think?



And one more thing, not so much of a suggestion, but observation. I am pleased that you did something in terms of separating instant and non-instant deliveries by adding flash symbol over key icon for instant deliveries. BUT… for someone new to the site, simple key icon, and key icon with “something else” over it clearly favors first option. I know people should read and be careful, but we all know they aren’t. So, adding “little clock icon” over the key for non-instant codes would be more appropriate than changing icon for instant deliveries. Thank you.


I think you need to select Media to be Digital to see the Delivery Method.

Perhaps this dropdown could always be there.

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Wow, I feel stupid now, lol. But there shouldn’t be media type option. Steam is always digital, so I was constantly skipping that. Thanks!

Yeah, the filter can be better :slight_smile:

Am I stupid again, or this option doesn’t exist anymore?

They’ve changed it so if the platform is only Digital (e.g. Steam), that option doesn’t exist. If you select Xbox One, it has both physical and digital (under Media), then that option exists when Digital is selected.