Dispute opened before 2 weeks with no reason

First , sorry for bad english .
I alreday writed Topic and @DunnBiscuit say to contact him if nothing happens . So I contacting him again Can u look this Order ?

Thanks and answer please as soon as posible i am waiting 2 weeks .
@op_JOkEr try to help.

And this too . Under review more than 2 days . Is problem with paypal or ?

@DunnBiscuit please answer today . Sorry for spaming

Hello, I was able to clear the hold from the purchase, but I see you didn’t create a ticket for that.

So, for the next case, please open a ticket for the issue you have.

Regarding this:

Since you didn’t answer our verification email we sent you , the transaction was canceled. You may try purchasing the item again.

Thank you.

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