Support not answering on dispute . Any help ?

This is order ID: b866800c-ad94-4ee7-8b39-1a4a60c2507b
This person bought a ringside 4 days ago and as soon as he bought he opened a dispute. I asked him for a screenshot, and hasn’t responded for 3 days. I’m 100% certain that the key worked, the customer won’t even open the chat. I’m asking for support to please look at this situation.

Check this :
The complete guide to avoid getting scammed as seller/buyer

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Yes i know that . With Order ID Support can see all our convesation . Buyer not proof keys is not working , i cant proof is key is working or no because i only can activate him to see if key is working .I know he get the set and want money back . Let support see :slight_smile:

Hey man! We are waiting for the buyer to send some proofs about the dispute. When he answers or if he doesn’t answer us at all, we will be able to continue the investigation or close the dispute.

He/she has 4 days to do so. PM me after that period if you do see the status of the transaction change.


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Can u send me message in pm ? Please .

I cant send you a message bcz i have a limit 3 post per day . need to wait 21 hours . Can you please send me message , i have another problem bigger than this. Thanks .