Do FLP credits expire?

I won the FLP giveaway last month, got an SMS saying I was the winner and that I had FLP credit in my wallet, which I checked and they were there. I never spent them, and now when I went back to check and they were gone. The message I got never mentioned an expiration date, like they tend to do for their other promotions.

I feel kinda cheated since I could’ve gotten at least 4 games but I wanted to save up on the credits to buy a more “valuable” one, so to speak, now I just can’t get any.

Should I submit a ticket somewhere or was it just my fault for not assuming it would expire even though it never said so anywhere?

Check your Activity tab here, you can see when they have expired.

I don’t care about when they expired, I’m wondering why I wasn’t told they WOULD expire anywhere on the website nor in my notice when I’ve won them?
Usually they always mention expiration date in promotions yet there was none this time.

I use gameflip on daily basis, I definitely would’ve bought something if I knew, now it’s just gone, it seems really unfair to lose something I’ve won for no reason.

even raffle tickets & promotions have expiry dates too.
anything gained free have conditions attached to them


If you check your wallet’s credits, there is a line that says:

FLP credit can be applied toward purchases that accept FLP but cannot be withdrawn. Unused credit will be expired by its expiration date.


Okay, but I was not given any expiration date with my credits. How would I know when would they expire? Is it an arbitrary date I should somehow be aware of?

You can find the date in your wallet
It is a timer.

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I never saw it when I was looking at my wallet on my desktop.

Do you have any screnshots of this? If so, send it to us so we can investigate it and see if the timer issue can be fixed.

Thank you.

I don’t have them now, since I never saw a timer nor assumed there was supposed to be any at all (it was my first time getting FLP). Unless there’s always supposed to be some notice on the wallet’s FLP page?

This is the current page, I don’t know if that’s of any use.

Please click on the activity tab and take a screenshot, i guess it must appear there even if it is expired.

If you currently have FLP credits, the FLP credits section will be shown in the FLP wallet, along with the expiration timer and disclaimer and credits do expire.

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Yes, I can find that in the activity.

Thanks for sharing that image. I’ll see what can be done for future cases if any issue is found.

Unfortunately, since the credits were expired, they can’t be recovered.
I’m sorry.