hi Gameflip please help

i had $2 credit, said it was getting removed on the 10th… which is today. I went to go purchase something on the app but my credits were removed before I got to buy it? Anything possible that you guys can do? Thank you

I believe game flip has a different time zone so the credits expire earlier than you anticipated. By the way, for next time, if you go into your wallet it shows a countdown of the time left until your credits will expire.


Gameflip time zone California GMT-7 :frowning:

Hello @bang_blurz,

As @Gen_Wunner informed, keep in mind to verify the countdown to make sure how much time you have left to use the credits ok.

You can verify the countdown when the credits are still active and on the last section of the following page:

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident: