Do you have to do Payment Photo ID Verification more than once?

Hi Gameflip Community

I recently got in contact with a seller on Gameflip and we agreed on a lower price for the item, I was expecting to be able to purchase it immediately using my PayPal account that I have linked. I went to add the needed $175 and was capped at 100 (max deposit) so I realized I will have to do it in 2 payments to get enough funds on my Gameflip account

Obviously after I submitted the first $100 I was prompted to submit photo ID verification, which I did as fast as I could (in a hurry to purchase the item). It says that it takes up to a few days to process. This is minorly inconvenient because I was really hoping to get the item tonight. Although I understand why it could take this long.

So this leads me to my question: When I go to add the remaining needed $75 will I have to photo ID verify again? That would make it ANOTHER couple days and kinda ruin the whole thing for me.

Thank you very much to anyone who replies to me!

Hello and welcome to the gameflip community.

As a regular user on gameflip so far i know you only need to upload your info just one time. After you get approved im pretty sure you are going to be able to add funds again.
The verification will take 2-3 bussines days and there is nothing you can do except wait.

Maybe you didnt asked* this but ill drop you extra info about paypal and gameflip.
When for example you wanna withdraw cash from gf to paypal will take 2-3 bussines too but the more sales/purchases you do on gf, less time you will have to wait for withdrawal.

Hope this answer your question. Have a good one

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Thank you very much for the speedy answer! I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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My documents were accepted this morning! So very fast service :smiley:

I added another $67 and it did make me verify again. Even though my docs are verified. Been waiting 2 hours to just verify this payment. Its crazy how hard it is to spend money on this site.

Weeird that you have to verify again.

May i ask you… Are you new on this site?. Gameflip usually takes some time when someone new is trying to add ‘‘big amount’’ of funds for the first time also happens with withdraw

Anyway, you just gotta wait :confused:

It actually just went through. but again that was 6 hrs after docs had been verified.

my acc is 2 years old, but this is my first time ever buying something. So I guess thats why. But really after you verify documents, phone #, and payment method they shouldnt do that to you anymore. That makes this site really unenjoyable to use. Im glad its all done and over with, and im getting the item I wanted, but I dont know if id recommend Gameflip to others after seeing how hard its been to use as a newcomer.