Document Verification - All approved


I completed my document verification for all 3 and got approved: Identity, Phone and Card

However my identity show draft again. I clicked on it and it changed the status. Can admin please fix.

Profile code: JMWR6R

Also, if I completed my document verification does the page change to completed? Or it all just remain ‘Approved status’?

sorry, i just realized i probably posted this in the wrong section.

@DunnBiscuit can you help? It keep showing Draft and when i submit the document for verification. It says ‘rejected - already approved’ but the status remains Draft.

Please help.

I don’t think this is necessary, can you still do your own business?

I thought if i complete all my verification, I dont have any issues. It says complete verification to avoid repeated reviews and increase payment issues.

I just wanted to be sure i completed all document verification so I dont run into long waits for my money.