[ENDED] RAFFLE: $200 in Gameflip Credits

What would you buy with $200?


I’d probably die. Hopefully in joy. Lol

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I would probably buy a lot of new video games with $200 in Gameflip Credits, probably like most everyone else would.

I would get ps2, and ps3 games, or maybe even an extra system for my husband.

I would probably put it towards a purchase of PlayStation Plus and perhaps a few games or extra controller

I’d buy lots of Wii games!

But the games I am missing out on

With the 200$ credit I would be able to buy games that I can’t afford and been wanting for a long time,especially since all my money goes towards school,being a full time college student!

I would try and get some more Wii U games! I love that console and was fortunate to find one relatively cheap. I NEED MORE GAMES!

With the credits I would buy 12 months Xbox live, dlc’s (season passes) and maybe some whoppers of a deal at the time just to get the most out f it.

With $200 in credits I will buy a new xbox One and perhaps some games just depends. But that’s what I need the most. Let me win !

I would love to use the credits for a PS4 if the price was low enough for it. I don’t care if it came with games or not, I’d just love to get one before it’s already outmoded like I did with my PS3: I bought it 3 years before the PS4 came out. It was cheaper yeah but I was only able to get it because I had worked for three months in Alaska fishing my ■■■ off.

So it would be nice to be included in the community instead of picking up where everyone left off ya know?

I’d buy some ps4 games and some pops! Haha

I would buy lots of games

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I’ve got my eye on a few classic games that are for sale. Specifically for the NES. My fiancee bought me a NES for my birthday, so it’s time to build my collection.

I’d check PS4 hardware for a used Move wand and camera in preparation for PSVR. Also grab Fallout.

I’d buy as many 3ds and ds games that I could fit up my nose.

A Computer for gaming.