[ENDED] WIN a PS4 Batman Bundle!

UPDATE 7/29/15: Deadline has been extended to August 3rd!

UPDATE 7/21/15: More prizes and more ways to win!

We have added more prizes to the sweepstakes! Not only have we added more winners to some of the top prizes, but also added new rewards. That means that now 15 people can win in our raffle! Please see the updated rewards below.

To celebrate the official launch of Gameflip, we’d like to give something away to our members! Enter for your chance to win one of the following:

Grand Prize: (1) 500GB PlayStation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle
[UPDATED] 2nd-3rd Place (1) Batman: Arkham Knight - Limited Edition
[UPDATED] 4th-7th Place (1) Batman: Arkham Knight - Regular Edition
[NEW] 8th-15th Place: (1) POP! Batman Arkham Asylum Figure


This promotion will run from July 8th to Aug 3rd. Please see our Facebook Page for more information and official rules.

Good luck everyone that participates!


I’d love to just win a pop figure! Good luck to everyone!


That Batman ps4 looks pretty sweet!


Agreed that batman ps4 is glory


Hello everyone! Just a quick update: the deadline to enter has now been extended to August 3rd! Don’t forget you can enter daily, so now you have even more chances to win! :raised_hands:

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I’ve about fricken had it! I keep trying over and over BUT IM NOT GETTING AN ENTRY INTO THE RAFFLE! I’ve tried Facebook and Email and nothing works!

The ability to enter daily does not seem to be working to add total entries. Instead of getting additional entries it just takes away two entries I have to earn back daily. I keep going from 14 to 12 to 14 to 12.


I noticed that too, @Blair_Fassburg, but I figured that’s just some kind of programing thing that at this point really doesn’t mater since the contest is going to end in about 37 hours. We know how long we been posting and tweeting for, so the best thing we can do really is just go with the flow.

And @Phelan_Moore have you tried using a different computer to enter?

Well right now all I have to use is an iPhone

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Good luck everyone :smiley:

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I have the same issue with the daily entry for posting in the forums. It’s been broken for a while. It doesn’t matter what device I use, even if I use my PC the number of entries is reset to 12 everyday…

Good luck everyone, have fun!

Hey everyone! I found out what’s going on with the daily entry issue. We’re using a third-party called Rafflecopter to house this sweepstakes, and this is what they say about it:

Yes! But right now, Rafflecopter isn’t set up for daily entries to go above the total # of entries displayed on the top right of the widget. Meaning if you complete all the entries the first day in a giveaway where there are daily entry options, when you come back tomorrow, it’ll appear as if you haven’t completed them all.

Suppose there are 30 days in a giveaway and there’s a daily tweet entry option worth +1 and a follow on twitter entry option worth +1. At the end of the 30 days, if you’ve tweeted every day and follow on twitter, you’ll have +31 entries recorded in the system (the blogger will be able to see that), but the entry form will show +2 still b/c the daily entry resets each day.

We haven’t built the functionality to tally and show total entries/possible entries w/ giveaways having the daily entry option method. But rest assured, all entries are being tallied.

So rest assure, you are getting the credit for these! Good luck everyone, and be sure to get those last entries in before Aug 3 11:59 PM PDT. We’ll be announcing the winners a day or two after that!! :grinning:

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@Phelan_Moore @Blair_Fassburg @Raxynus @Cts_GameFlip

Just want to make sure you guys saw @BurTheFly’s reply to your concerns with the daily entry into our raffle! :ok_woman:

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Thanks for the explanation!

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But I’m still having an issue!!! I’m not getting ANY entries in and it’s sooooo annoying! :rage:

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Good luck everyone, would be nice to win something

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Have you tried entering using a desktop instead of your phone?

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so, what happened with this?