RAFFLE - Gift Card of Your Choice: Jan 19th

RAFFLE - Gift Card of Your Choice

Promotion Date: Jan 19th

Enter the raffle below for your chance to win either a $50 Gift Card to PSN, XBL or Steam OR $100 in Gameflip Credits. Two lucky winners will win!

Raffle ends Jan. 19th, 2015 11:59 PM (PST)



Congrats to the following winners! We’ll be emailing all of you later today.

1. Angel D.
2. Immanuel H.

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Awesome, another flash giveaway! Now if I could only decide what gift care I should get…or maybe the points…ghaaaa it all sounds too good!

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if i win im taking the credits

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Man I hope they do another because my birthday is Saturday and if I won I would go crazy

I’d take the PSN credit or the Gameflip credit

Congratulations to Angel and Immanuel!