Expedited Assistance Requested: Login Error

My apologies that this had to be my first post, but time is somewhat critical for my issue.

I am currently unable to login to my account on Gameflip through either the website or through the iOS application.

The only response that the authentication system provides is “Login error”. It does not provide any further information beyond that.

The “time critical” component of this request is that there is a transaction is progress where the seller (a first-time seller) had inadvertently provided me with a non-working gift code. Per the Gameflip guidelines, I was attempting to proactively work with the seller to address the issue. However, I received the “Login error” issue after sending some messages to the seller.

This places me, as the buyer, in a difficult position. As I can’t access my account, I am unable to determine what course of action the seller wants to pursue to appropriately meet their side of the transaction. Furthermore, I am unable to place a hold on the transaction if the seller chooses a less-than-amicable resolution to the transaction.

I have requested support through the Gameflip Support / Zendesk system (support request 847689), but I’m concerned that the 1 to 2 business day wait time for a response will have repercussions on the transaction.

I’ll be happy to supply as much information as is possible to authorized parties.

Having reviewed some of the other posts (as well as the Zendesk post system), I understand it’d be useful to provide my “Profile ID”. However, it would appear that the initial registration notification e-mail (for staff, the e-mail template with the title “Welcome to the Gameflip Community!”) - though having text suggesting it would list the Profile ID, does not list the Profile ID.

Any guidance at this point would be appreciated.

My access issue has been resolved.

This request can be considered closed.

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Hello @novchar!

I’m glad that your issue was solved.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident: