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Hi, So I recently had made a Gameflip account upon my friends “encouragement”, I decided to try it out and try to buy some keys, and I found myself having to prove my identity which i later failed due to not having a billing address. I canceled that purchase so I could make sure I had everything in order before I made another purchase. After that, my friend told me to put money in my wallet so it would be faster, which i did, yesterday my identity was proven, but now every time I try to login, I get a pop-up message saying Login Error. Can anyone tell me why this is happening, I tried on my computer, Ipad, and my phone, but none of them are working; they are all displaying the same error message.

Please post your invite code.

One one the mods should be able to help you out


Hi there, welcome to Gameflip.
If you cannot remember your profile code, you can PM me your email and phone number so I can locate your account.

You should not post private informations about you in public threads, go to profile of Tali and click Message then you can send him all details.

Sorry, i got the notif in gmail, so i thought it would be an email. Thank you for letting me know!

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