Login Error, what to do?

Hey everyone!

After a while I finally decided to get back onto Gameflip.com to look for CS:GO skins and possibly withraw some money I have in my wallet. Though when I try to login it says “Login Error”.

Firstly I tried to change Password, Username etc. but without any luck. After that I decided that I was gonna contact support, in which I would have written:


I’ve not been on Gameflip for a while due to upgrades on my PC, and after some time I decided to log back onto Gameflip because I recieved an e-mail of an item that I sold on your site.
I tried to log back in, in which it said “Login Error”… I tried to reset Username, Password & using phone number yet it doesn’t work and I’m not being sent any SMS to re-do my passwords etc.

I was wondering what to do in this situation as of I’ve tried every way to reset / log back in and yet it’s not been successful."

But soon enough realized that you need Invite Code to submit such support ticket which only possible to get through being logged in. So I found myself in quite the situation here… How do I log back in? I tried every possible password, reset & other browser & phone app yet nothing. And when trying to contact support it was required Invite Code.

What to do?

Kind Regards,

  • Wadiz

You can still send a ticket and put anything on the invite code field. Just make sure to inform that to us so we don’t try to locate the wrong account. Also, inform your email and phone number so we can then check and find the correct account and send a password reset.

I just tried once more, and when I put anything in the invite code it says " Invite Code: is invalid".

I’ve tried with random letters, number etc but still the same message.

Send me a private message with the information, I’ll check for you.

Tried sending you one but it said “sorry you cannot send a personal message to this user”.

Maybe try send me on first and it’ll grant me access?

Browse the forum for a few more minutes until you are granted a “Basic User” badge, then you can use the private message feature.

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I have just sent a message so you can reset your password.

Hi I am having the same problem unfortunately. I tried to get new password and I don’t get a email ? I tried sending it to my phone number also and no message. Please help

Please inform your profile code if you remember or send me via PM your email and phone number so I can check

It’s okay now it’s working​:clap::blue_heart: but for several hours I was having a login error… but it finally cooperated

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Unfortunately i have got the same problem should i send you my details is well. I dont have a invite or profile code as i made this account ages ago and also i have tried to get an invite code ,as i went to support first, but it says it’s invalid.

Hi Bowse, you can either send me your info on a private message or open a ticket if you prefer.

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