Fallout 4 or Battlefront

Nor sure which one to get. I know fallout is out but don’t know which one is worth it

So far it seems that it’s just a matter of opinion that ones to Fallout. Bugs for sure but that’s to be expected really. And Battlefront isn’t even out yet as far as I know. So I’d just say get both and sell the one you don’t care for on here and get your money back XD

That’s a hard one. Obviously they’re two completely different games and could easily spend several hundred hours in each of them for their respective gameplays. Personally I’d go for Battlefront. I was already hyped for it, but after playing that beta, I’m ready to put a hold on all other games for that right now haha.

Battlefront all the way. With the exception of The Revenge of the Sith Game you could never go wrong with Star Wars!!!

So, has anybody’s opinions of the games changed since they have come out now?

Never played Fallout, but I think Battlefront would be a great choice.

Why not buy both games

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