What's your take on the two new games that have come out so far?

So there’s fallout 4 and there’s black ops 3, which do you prefer and why? Why do you like one more than the other?

A new cod comes out every year. I enjoyed them at first but just lost interest. Fallout has been a few years since 3/new Vegas releases. Anticipation/excitement was building but as always I’ll play for countless hours and still have more than my fair share to accomplish in the wasteland. Both are more than likely great games, but since fallout normally takes months to complete that should roll me right into uncharted 4 release but that’s a whole other topic right there.

I totally agree with you, thanks for your input!

I have always lov d cod games, and have gotten into codaw online, but I would like to see what Fallout has to offer.

You haven’t played fallout yet? It’s a very well made game.

star wars battlefront because who does not love Star Wars…For the two you named I would say Fall Out because of the story line as well as gameplay!

I will have to look into Fallout. Which one should I try?

If your asking which one between fallout and Star Wars, my answer is just get both since there both awesome games.

Agreed Brandon! Star Wars and Fall Out both seem like they have a lot to offer!!!

Thanks. I will have to try those once I go next gen. I currently have a 360, so I will have to settle for Fallout 3. Is it a good game?

After watching a thorough review of the new Star Wars game, I don’t think I will be buying it.

It looked okay, but I haven’t played the old Battlefronts in a while, so I don’t know if I would enjoy it. Maybe if I won it I could see.

Fallout 3 was good. If you have time Between that and getting the next console j would suggest new Vegas as well but maybe that might burn you out with fallout since there is just so much to do in these games, it’s almost never ending. Win or not I’m getting battlefront for my birthday since everyone I work with is playing it and seeing the vids in my feed it looks fun. I’ve always enjoyed cod online, this will just add a little force to it!

Thanks. I think I will try Fallout New Vegas and see if I like it.