False advertising or acceptable?

This seller has 100’s of listings where his picture will say one quantity but his item description box says another
He is using this to be at top of relevance page

Is this considered false advertising or is this something that’s considered acceptable ?

Will provide profile link so somebody can better look into it.


If he is exchanging however many he is advertising in the photo, I don’t think that is false advertising. If he doesn’t send the right amount, that would be technically false advertising. HOWEVER, his listings titles and description do not specify the number he is exchanging other than the listing photo like the one shown above. I think that these sellers are too lazy (imo) to type out the actual quantity they are selling or they haven’t set it up in the API if that’s what they are using. Also, this happens a lot with gift cards. For example, perhaps someone is selling a $50 for $40 but for the amount text field, they put $100, making it seem like there’s a 60% off. Just have to pay attention to the listing title, description, and the listing photo. I also think the seller is at fault for not being descriptive and specific enough.

This what he’s doing is not lazy, it’s a manipulation of the algorithm to make him at the top of relevance page, so I hoping a mod answers so that if it is acceptable I can post this way also.

Hello everyone!

We have verified the user and we did not find anything out of the ordinary.

He is in fact selling the correct amount and there is no type of manipulation happening because of this. If he is in the relevance page, it is because of other reasons (Example: Amount of good rates).

God Speed! :trident:

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His listings today he took out the 1X quantity, if you scroll farther to yesterday listings you will see what I’m talking about,
The main question here is it allowed for picture and description to show 2 different quantities as the picture attached shows

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