*FIXED* KNOWN BUG: Can't Connect to PayPal


Hello all!

We are currently experiencing issues with PayPal purchases and withdrawals. If you are trying to make a purchase with PayPal you may receive the following error message; “Sorry we cannot connect to PayPal. Please try again in a few minutes”.

We are working with PayPal to fix the problem and should be resolved soon. We will update this thread once we have more information.

Please note that Credit/Debit Card and Bitcoin payment is unaffected and can be used to complete payment.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.

UPDATE: PayPal says that the estimated time for the fix should be around 6pm (PST) 9/22.

UPDATE: New ETA for the fix is around 6pm PST 9/23.

Lol its 6pm lmao but i trust them to fix it :smiley:

its litteraly 9pm lmfao hope it gets fixed quick

10 pm still waiting -_- i cry

Sorry. No updates from PayPal thus far.

I would use debit/credit card, if it was only available in SEA / Malaysia -.-

11 P.M still no update :frowning:

Boiiiii still not fixed, boiiiii

i know right -.- ugh

Well i’m 90% sure they are not working on weekends so it will be fixed on monday


its works now !!! XDDDDD