Why is happening with PayPal withdrawals??

Hey I have a question I was trying to withdrawal with PayPal like I always do but says to me that PayPal have disable so can yu tell me when this is going to be fixed this is the first time I have this problem ty I whait for a replay to ask my questions thoug and sorry for my english

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I’m having the same problem, gonna follow this thread cause It never happened to me too, what’s happening?
Edit: i leave my code here in case it’s needed: F13U4J

There problem guys, as the Admin said it will be solved soon, you can pay with PayPal but withdraw is not working at moment it will be solved soon i guess.

Yup, i saw that after i posted this, i hope this will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the answers seeawr this fix soon cya dudes have a nice day!

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Why can you buy stuff with paypal but you cant withdraw money with paypal? Seems a little fishy. I hope the problem is resolved soon because payoneer is not my preferred payout method there fees are a higher than any I’ve seen and theres a long wait time

Yea mad fishy you think it has something to do with the government …?

It’s just a fault to do with PayPal. It’s been 5 days I think, which is ridiculous, but remember, this is PayPal, they don’t give a monkeys about anyone.

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It will be available soon

It’s has benn like 1 week and still cant do withdrawals wtf