PayPal Payout Temporary Fix

Gameflip is taking longer than expected time to fix the issue with PayPal payouts, hope this would get fixed soon as many sellers(including me) are patiently waiting for their payouts, I hope it gets resolved within the next few hours/days whatsoever, but if you guys(gf) are not sure about the resolution date, u could at least process with manual payments…where a person would request a payout, and an admin will process them manually, it would be better than making us wait for a week more or maybe a month (until u get it fix)

It’s my opinion, rest is urs

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what if they want all of us move to payoneer lol

Then gameflip will definitely go down, which I believe they won’t let it happen, so they will have to bring back PayPal

will then i will got my money out and close my store as paypal is why im here

yep, i think will close my store and move to somewhere else if they can’t fix this in next week

hey can you link your store profile here on gameflip?

eh ? but why ?