FLP token withdrawals

Why FLP token needed approve for withdrawals ?
before they never didnt put under approve flt tokens
thinked flp tokens working automatic like bitcoin
but i see not automatic they approving it manual

Umm this is odd, can you share a screenshot with me so I can check it further?


paid today ,
i thinked flp token withdrawal working automatic
i see needed manual confirmation
not paid weekends

So we cant withdraw flp tokens on weekends ?

Dear @DunnBiscuit
again FLP token withdraw approve needed why? today work day but not approved my flp token withdraw

again my one flp token withdraw need approve
Code: CM72TH

why flp withdrawal not working automatic i need ask every time ?

please why FLP withdrawal still pending ? @MajorTom

@DarkKnight any admins will respond me ? or

Hi there,

Happy birthday and moderators are usually offline during weekends.

moderators also weekdays didnt answer my question here