Fraudulent Steam Key

On sep. 4th I purchased a SCUM steam key from a user named “Shark Keys” ( who I notice is now a banned user on the marketplace. Here is the key and the transaction ID, along with my invite code:

Order ID: 0e3b8e31-1a63-486a-bbf3-731e70d38c42
Fraudulent Key(s): GIE53-EQ8QC-G5NHD
My invite Code: D31J3D

Earlier today, the key was removed from my steam account because of a problem processing payment, this almost always means that the key was obtained through illegal or illegitimate means and that it was invalidated.

Since the market transaction is over a month old at this point there is nothing I can do on the actual site, but the user in question was banned so I assume I am not the first person to comment on this. I would prefer a refund or a replacement if possible.

I’ve noticed this is actually a pretty common scam on Gameflip, new sellers will use stolen credit cards to purchase game keys from 3rd party sites (G2A, Kinguin, ect), and then resell them on the market. Eventually steam removes these games from the buyers’ account, leaving them with the loss.

If you are just a normal user reading this then take this advice so that you don’t fall for the same scam; Scammers often go for popular or well-selling games, so if you see GTA 5 keys listed for something like 10$, it is most likely a fraudulent key. If any game keys are listed at insanely low prices, (for example, a popular game that normally costs 60$ being listed for 30$ or 20$), then it is most likely a fraudulent key. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t fall for these scams. I think that after this I am just going to avoid buying game keys completely on Gameflip because at any moment after purchase the keys could be revoked.

I really hope that the staff can help resolve this but the key was only 13$ so I’m just considering it a loss.
I will upload screenshots with proof in this thread as well to show that the game that was added to my account on sep. 4th, was removed


Hi there

Sorry to hear that this kind of scam happened to you, after many many hours of playing getting your game key revoked is frustrating. Don’t worry I will help you.

First create a ticket on this LINK send them all the evidence from above, also my suggestion is to contact the Steam Support for info about code you’ve purchased from Shark Keys user, if Gameflip support will require that information you will be covered 100%.

Recently there was a scam on Amazon Gift cards, and mostly people got their refund. I hope you will get yours.

Well there is few sellers on this marketplace such as Steam Pumpkin for gift cards, and many others with high level feedback. Try to deal with them first.

Let me know if you need more assistance, I will help you anytime. Also there is @DunnBiscuit and @Tali moderators ready to help.


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