Game Code from a VERIFIED seller is already in use; Confirmed With Rockstar

I have bought a GTA Online Shark Card on Monday from a Verified Seller: Codes
The seller gave me a used code. The Social Club shows that it is already in use. I couldn’t even pass the checking stage of the activation process to activate the code. I told the seller about the situation. He told me to screenshot and eventually record the video. I did them all, but he denied by saying the recording should be from between before the trade and dispute. However, only screenshots are required and videos are not required as stated in Gameflip’s policy! I asked the seller to return the money escaping from it. He even closes the selling page after I have confronted this issue!

Moreover, I asked Rockstar Game Support about the key. The staff answered that the key is already activated prior to my purchase.

I don’t know if someone else guessed the key, but getting a used code from a verified seller is unbelievable. I wish someone can solve the problem.

Order Number: e0491b68-1e20-477b-849a-a776c1f22861
Evidences below:

I can only send my conversation with Rockstar via the order dispute text box, it contains my personal info.

If you open a dispute make sure to send all the evidence that you think that will help.

It can take a few days to get a reply.
Make sure to escalate the dispute to be reviewed and decided by the Support team.

With the full evidence, Gameflip will cancel the order and issue the refund to the buyer. The buyer or seller may face punitive action if Gameflip finds either party purposely defraud each other.

Make sure to show gameflip the code was used before you bought it being you said rockstar told you it was used before you bought it

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I have a full screenshot for it and put it here, is this the place that you want me to send?

However, the screenshot is kind of big that it seems to be blurry from my perspective.

You can escalate to Gameflip by submitting a ticket via the Help Center. Gameflip will closely look at all evidences and decide the case.

Submit Ticket

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Opening a dispute basicly mean youre putting a stop to the timer and trying to fix the issue with the seller and if it cant be fix you escalate it and send gameflip all your evidence and the seller will do the same and gameflip will pick who they think was right and refund you if you win.

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