Gameflip and discord

Recently I was told to remove my discord from my gameflip page or risk suspension. Why is this a problem? I get a lot of requests and comments on postings and it’s near impossible to keep up with them all, and since the messaging service doesn’t work for me discord allowed me to keep better track.

I’m guessing Gameflip is touchy about us using different platforms instead of theirs? Also, mine and most others messaging service does not work.

I know for sure that’s why. Just really stinks their messenger doesn’t work but we can’t use others

The messenger at doesn’t load for you? You and the other person have to click on “Enable Messaging” button first in order to use the feature.

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Hello Maddie_Davis,

We do not allow the use of other platforms because we can’t guarantee the safety of our users. If anything happens outside of Gameflip, we are not able to provide assistance or take action in anyway.

Also, did you try what galacticarm informed?

If you would like, you can use the forum to assist in your sales, as it is part of the Gameflip platform.

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The messages this has never worked for me. I hit enable messages but it snaps me to another screen and just disables it again. In my year of using gameflip I’ve seen twice where it says someone has sent you a message but I’ve never been able to open it

Mine has never worked either

That is very strange.

Hey @ Maddie_Davis and @ RussXB1, could you please send us a recording (Youtube link) or send screenshots of the error occurring?

Lets try to resolve this issue the best way possible, so everyone could have a better experience on the Gameflip platform :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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I’ll see what I can do bud

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I don’t know how to make a video of my screen, but screenshots work just as well. The only thing I do is hit the “messaging” tab and I end up at one page and it immediately snaps to another before I can press anything

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I was just about to do this but after looking at your screenshots its exactly what mine look like.

@Maddie_Davis @RussXB1

Please go to (the website) and sign in, then go to and click “Enable Messaging”. That will allow others to message you.

Edit: Note that users only see the Contact button to use messaging if they’re viewing a gig listing.


Oh I don’t do gigs. So this is all pointless to me🤣

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Well I also don’t use gigs so now it all makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

Best place to check GameFlip’s price:

Hey everyone!

I will close this topic since this issue has already been cleared.

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