Messaging buyers on forums

since giving out things like discord handles isn’t allowed, can I advertise my profile for this forum? There’s several times buyer want to reach out to me but ToS say we can’t communicate outside gameflip. Is this forum considered still inside gamefilp?


Hello @Dylan_Hoofer!

I think that this forum is included in the Gameflip subsidiaries.

You can make the topic under Discussion > Introduce Yourself.

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Thanks. I need an answer from an actual mod tho. If I get in trouble for doing it your word isn’t going to save me

Hello @Dylan_Hoofer,

That is fine, and I understand.

Take a look at @Sparkling_Juice profile, which mentions about the forum.

He is a very respected person in the forum, so I think it would answer your question.

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Yes, you can include your Gameflip Profile on Forums. Anything that is related to Gameflip is allowed. You can advertise what your selling on Gameflip as well under category (Selling)


Go to Preferences - Profile - Web Site.
You can put your Gameflip Profile there. It will show up if anyone clicks your profile picture.

Any other links that does not involve Gameflip is strictly not allowed.