Gameflip are scammers nuff said

Website is a scam, they suspended my account for conducting sales off gameflip LOL then ignore emails for days when you try to contact them. They originally never told mewhat to remove of my 20+ listings just expected me to know what i done wrong then suspended my account with my balance in wallet 80$ i cant payout any of it, not a 1$. So they blatantly do this to all new users as i only joined here a few days ago selling xbox codes with good ratings off all buyers no problems, now all my hard earned cash i spent on them to resell them has been given away free to this website, absolute scam. Dont advise anyone to do business on here, after looking it up on google so many people have been in my possision and not got it resolved or answer just like im not getting answers so im gunna accept gameflip scammed me. Wont be making a 10th forum post this is my last to warn other people thinking of joining this terrible supporting scamming website DO NOT JOIN they will keep your money

If you don’t know in wich lisitng you were trying to sell outside of gameflip, who made and wrote the listings than? Seems like you knew very good what you were doing and you’re just blaming gameflip for your mistake of breaking there guidelines.

btw a mod already anwsered here so I don’t know why you’re saying they aren’t answering.

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Obviously i made the listing you idiot, how much did they pay you to write this bs? Lmao i had over 20listings atleast 15 was xbox codes which all sold. What im saying is why didnt they tell me exactly what i was i said which wasnt allowed in this listing which was “conducting outside gameflip” i had earphones up which I MIGHT of put my skype in the description as im new and joined days ago ffs, even that might not even be what i got suspended for as i wasnt told what to delete. It was a honest mistake i never made a deal off gameflip. Dont see how they can just keep my wallet money i earned legitly. Also im talking about waiting 3 days for a response with no response to my question about my wallet cash, you really are a idiot go away and dont comment again kid you have no idea what your talking about

Still waiting for response a week later when will i receive my funds??? Is suspension for NOTHING last forever??? Scammers answer me

I suspended this guy here for spamming.

We will deal with him directly via ticket.