Gameflip Not letting mereceive the item I bought?

I paid with PayPal for my purchase and it is under review, haven’t been sent any four digit code still after a few hours. My PayPal is the same as my gameflip email and this is what it says:

Please help, I don’t want it to be cancelled and just want what I ordered, and if it can’t be done I would rather it be taken out of review and refunded straight away. Thank you.

As the message said “Please check the email registered with your PayPal account for instructions”.

So, all you have to do is login into your email that you used for PayPal to get the instructions on what to do next.

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There is no other email, I’m logged in as they are the same email and there is one from paypal saying it’s waitinf for gameflip to verify the purchase and there isnt another off gameflip telling me what to do. There is only the one attatched and the order receipt.

Check your spam box then. Also check that you didn’t misspell your email address as well as that you’ve verified the email address (with PayPal and Gameflip).

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