GameFlip Site/App

I usually use GameFlip on my PC but I’d also like it on my iPad. I tried to use the site but a lot of the buttons werent working, so I decided to download the app, but it requires iOS 8. Thing is, I can’t update my iPad to iOS 8, and my iPod wont allow me past iOS 7. I know other apps have the ability to do this, but is it possible you could have the option to download an “older” version of the app? I know you’re a small team and I’m not expecting this soon.

I think it’s hard for Gameflip (still a small company) to maintain an older app version for long. The cost of engineering to do that is too high for them.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind using just an outdated version, which they revisit when it has a major bug, I’d like this but I can’t update to iOS 8.