Gameflip suddenly asking me for verifation today when selling steam games?

I have been a seller for almost 2 years on gf i sold +150 listing from ingame items to digital games why they are asking for a verification all of a sudden? anyone else experiencing this?

Must be because of the Nintendo Switch game codes situation recently.

It’s the new requirement now: New requirements to sell Digital Games


I’m having trouble buying items are asking for document verification

Hello @Versallesz,

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

God Speed! :trident:

hello my code is this 8JZA6X

Hello @Versallesz,

In this case, to reduce your chances of going through review, you need to verify the payment methods you have on your account.

The payment verification needs to be added in this link ( onto your account.

Here is the guideline to verifythis document:

    • One selfie of you holding your credit/debit card used for payment, showing only the last 4 numbers and your name in it.
    • Two close-up pictures of the card, front and back, showing only the last 4 numbers and your name in it.

Also, make sure that the owner of the account and ID is the owner of the payment method being verified. We do not allow more than one person to own and verify an account.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: