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I am extremely confused on what kind of gift cards are allowed to be sold on gameflip I seen in the support section of gameflip it says you can sell ( non gaming gift cards) as long as they can be redeemed online or put into a digital wallet … ook then I come here on the forums and I’m told that food gift cards are not allowed what so ever there is some sort of miscommunication going on I’d like to be cleared up are the rules of selling non gaming gift cards not updated or?? Because it doesn’t say food gift cards are prohibited

Can I Sell Non-Gaming Gift Cards on Gameflip?

There are a few other requirements on selling gift cards that you must follow:

:black_small_square:Cards must not expire or incur fees
:black_small_square:︎ If applicable, always include the gift card restrictions (e.g. card can only be redeemed in the US)
:black_small_square:︎ For digital cards, we only support selling Gift Cards that can be redeemed directly with the merchant/retailer online. Codes that require physical card are NOT allowed in the digital section.

Items or services that require the exchange of account credentials

Services or items that require either the buyer or the seller to exchange sensitive information such as game account credentials are not allowed on Gameflip.

Products that require code activation in-person

The sale of products that require code activation in-person, such as gift cards for restaurants, retail stores, theaters, and shows are not allowed to be listed or sold on Gameflip.

Please, read Can I Sell Non-Gaming Gift Cards on Gameflip? for more information about the allowed cases for non-gaming gift card sales.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts when selling non-gaming gift cards on Gameflip


:black_small_square:List only gift cards that can be redeemed online or in an app

:black_small_square:Always list your gift card under the proper GIFT CARD category

:black_small_square:Always include information on how to redeem the listed gift card (e.g. URL or app for redemption)

:black_small_square:Always include the gift card restrictions (e.g. region)


:black_small_square:List a gift card that requires in-person activation. If the gift card cannot be redeemed to an online/app wallet, it’s forbidden to sell on Gameflip and should not be listed

Lucy :heart:

So I can sell food gift cards if they can be redeemed online correct

Please double check with @DunnBiscuit with this. They will reply in the morning. I know there a few cards they still banned please from selling being alot of them was scam or to many people get them codes from shady ways.

I know they dont allow Netflix cards any more.

Lucy :heart:

Lol thank you but Netflix is definitely allowed there are allot posted rn

This that its hard for me to tell you if blank codes are allowed or not.

Lucy :heart:

What the… then how do so many get sold

No netflix nor food ones, we are working to remove all of them.

If you see them as said report them. We already talked about this.

Thank you.