Giveaway pages/ partnerships

Hello Gameflip, ( this is mainly geared for a response by the gameflip Managers.)
As you know i am a big seller on your app. and now finally able to post on the forum after months of trying.

I have recently created a Facebook page that i do nothing but Giveaways on. Just like you guys do your giveaways of games and systems and etc.

I want to give back to the community as much as you guys have and i know you cant run promotions every single week and everything.

I wanted to know if i am able to post up my facebook page where i do my giveaways ( on another topic that way i know if its ok to do so or not so this is asking for permission essentially.)

I have done a few giveaways so far nothing big yet but getting close.
I give tons of FREE steam keys out to winners, I have also given away a FREE Assassins Creed necklace.
I am 4 likes away from doing my current giveaway of a BRAND NEW Fallout 4 Lanyard.
and at 50 facebook likes i am giving away a FREE Xbox 360 or PS3 used game ( of their choice that i will have listed.)
More will be given of course once i hit each like milestone and even random steam giveaways announced.

So I’d like to know if im allowed to post up my giveaway facebook page on the forum for all the gameflippers to enter to win more free stuff and make us both more liked :smile:

I also wanted to know if you like the idea, if you’d like to be a supporter or a partner with me. or if another user can.
I am always looking for partners to do more combined giveaways and even more separate giveaways.
Let me know what you guys think. id love to share my page with gameflip and all of its community.