WAnt to win FREE games and Accessories or steam keys? READ here

Hey everyone Welcome to Gameflip hope your enjoying the app so far.
Gameflip does some great promotions and giveaways. I have gotten some great stuff from gameflip and now i also want to give back to the community as well. I may not be able to give away the Newest games or Consoles but i can do more frequent giveaways of normal stuff while they focus on the big stuff.

For those who have bought from me in the past few weeks then you know about my facebook giveaway page.

Now I am offering it to everyone! :slight_smile:
On facebook i do tons of giveaways and later on contests.
Currently I am doing a giveaway for a BRAND NEW Fallout 4 Lanyard when i reach 40 likes on the facebook page. The next giveaway at 50 likes ( only 11 more) will be an xbox 360 game or PS3 game that will be listed after the 1st giveaway is done. I also do free steam giveaways as well.

so if your interested in winning FREE stuff such as lanyards, games, and even steam keys come checkout my facebook page.
Its at www.facebook.com/vincentsgaming
Hurry in now for your chance to win the lanyard though its about to end.

Later on I will be doing giveaways with Digital games and other great stuff maybe even later ( couple hundred likes maybe even a console ( used) )

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