Got an unfair rate.

Well, I am seller in this site since 2 years ago, and I have almost 300 good rate and I had 0 poor rate until someone purchased from me and I contacted him after some mins, he told me that he just purchased it but he cant do it until tomorrow and I agreed with that, after I wake up next day I checked the transaction status and found that it was canceled and it was fine for me, maybe he changed his mind, but I checked my profile and I found 1 poor rate.
I need help with this, I don’t deserve this rate at all.
Order ID: 6ff344de-4fd8-413d-84ee-62d92b00c4c3
My Profile code: SN2HFX


Hello Ahmed_Shams,

I have verified your issue and decided to remove the poor rating!

Have a good day!

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Awesome, Thanks a lot <3

Hey is it possible for you to check my bad and neutral listings as well? (I only have 2 in total) negative one was totally for no reason i delivered his rl items in like 5 minutes and when i tried to reach him he didnt reply. Neutral one was from an xbox buyer and i had sold the item in ps4. The buyer later agreed that it was his fault. I would be so happy if you could fix these :slight_smile: invite code :73U8HQ

Hello Furkan_Erol!

Could you please provide me the order IDs so I could have a further look?

:trident: New forum moderators!

Unfortunately i dont have it as it was too old. I never thought that it is possible to fix an unfair rating here :confused:

I also have a poor review I would like to have looked at. This happened today for me at 3 am. The buyer wanted me to cancel and I was asleep. She canceled it herself and I got a poor review. I was trying for 3 days straight to send the item, however, the buyers internet went out every day we tried. The chat on the order provides evidence of me contacting the buyer and trying to send the item as well as proof of the buyers internet going out. Can I have this poor review removed from my account. I have 96 good reviews and this is the only bad one I have.

order ID: b254d1a1-0c8e-45fb-ac6f-c2901f7e0514
Profile ID: VXHCBW

Update: The buyers says she apologizes for me receiving a bad review and sent a message over xbox saying she would like to change it for the moderators to see.good%20rate

Update: The reason she canceled is because she is going on vacation soon…

Oo same happened with me a lot of times, as example Order codes: 0c6fb7cd-19b5-45c4-a11a-6b2e650f6f54
and adc59ee0-a76a-4e26-8e27-b53ff55b5f07
Profile code Code: YT4U5T
he ask wait 1-2 days then he take items, but he just cancel it and i got +2 poor ratings (2-3 other poors by same reasone ,buyer dont answer - cancel - poor ) and i cant find now, many time passed but some peoples try to scam, after fail they set poor rate too, need remove option to set rate after disput

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