Got banned for no reason username is Charlotte’s Forthite Shop

I got banned because of apparently I told users to rate before I send code/item.All my codes are sent automatically so I don’t know why.I also have money in my wallet so I want to withdraw it.

Do you know your invite code?

did u sell minty codes?

Yes I sold minty codes

they banned all minty sellers, my account banned too. i had 150 csgo keys in my account (bot trade, 300$ worth) and 50$ - 60$ wallet balance. made a ticket waiting respond now…

it says selling fake codes but they’re not fake, just early access code for skin not in game yet. i didnt know it wasnt allowed…

Why did they do that though

Because they said that Minty codes are not legit, they looked into it.

yeah but after banned us…

I have money in my wallet

And I cant get it

You’ll have to wait for them to check if you can sell them or no
so you’ll have to wait

All minty sellers are currently banned. I report most of the minty sellers since all they their codes are just RANDOM REWARDS that’s not the MINTY PICKAXE code!

I got my 10 codes from my friend that works at GameStop.Apparently they can be redeemed but can’t get it in their lockers until Christmas.

As long as it says “RANDOM REWARDS” thats not the minty code :slight_smile:

It should be like this sir