Got banned unreasonably

Hi, I recently got banned without taking into consideration my point of view. I purchased few codes for the minty axe (fortnite) and sold them here, but some of those codes were fake and I myself got scammed and those buyers reported me for that. Without asking for any evidence I got banned. I verified those codes and apparently they are were working and are still redeemable. Picture is

attached for the codes that are redeemable.


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Hello Rigal,

Codes could be redeemable, but they were leaked on the internet and should not be sold. We don’t need evidence to know these codes were leaked.

Also, these codes are for “random loot”, which is forbidden on Gameflip (misleading listings as well, since it says Minty Pickaxe).

If you tell me your invite code, I could check on your account and see if any Minty listing can be refunded to the buyers (as well as the one you’ve purchased).

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@majortom can you please help me I also got banned w 1k usd ! I have on that account I put rate me fast on my bio I don’t think that was fair I was no aware I did not know

Hello timidwinters,

Could you please send me a DM if your profile code?